Prepare for Executive MBA program in India

Preparing for any type of higher studies in India requires you to qualify for CAT exams or any type of central examinations that would certify as good as CAT exams. Management studies especially require you to qualify for this type of examination. There are colleges that conduct their own set of exams but mostly the CAT score is widely accepted in India.

CAT score or any other equivalent examination is a requisite when you apply for Executive MBA program in India. Therefore, you need to train yourself about certain aspects of studying for these examinations before you even think of filling the enrolment form for a particular college. Executive MBA program in India can only be applied for by working professionals with some number of years spent in the industry.

Executive MBA program in India

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Prepare for CAT to qualify for Executive MBA program in India

There are some ground rules that you need to qualify in order to gain learning about qualifying CAT exams. These tips are extremely helpful and would bring you success when you sit in the examination hall ready to embark on the journey of advance studies.

Tip #1: Focus on your area of expertise

Rather than attempting and honing skills for all subjects, students must concentrate on their area of expertise and when they get the question paper they should scan it for 5 minutes and mark the questions which they excel in.

Tip #2: Attempt questions from previous years

As a candidate it is important to understand the pattern of these examinations therefore you must attempt last 10 years question papers for CAT. This will help you improve your score; make you understand which areas need improvements and which areas are you an expert in.

Tip #3: Start early

If you are sure about your plan to enrol for EMBA then preparation should start as early as a year. This would help you gain knowledge about current affairs, give you time to improve and work on your vocabulary. It would also give you time to become a math expert or logical reasoning expert.

Tip #4: Test yourself

It is important to evaluate your progress in every 10-15 days so that you know whether you are improving or still have problems. Keep testing yourself by taking test papers online or by attempting exams by preparing the questionnaire yourself. You could even ask your friends or family to take a verbal test in case you want to improve your vocabulary.


History of AICTE approved PGDM college

Established in the year 1945, All India Council for Technical Education is the first statutory body to govern technical education. The AICTE accredits postgraduate and graduate programs and has been a program wherein the curriculum is sent for approval by the listed colleges under it.

It is important that you enrol for a college that is AICTE approved PGDM college. It helps you get accreditation and gain recognition by other institutes. Once you have enrolled at AICTE approved PGDM college you would be able to secure a degree which is recognized by recruiters. You can get opportunities at companies easily and without a doubt. You need to be careful about securing your future as there are many fraudulent colleges in India. With each passing year there are cases registered for fraud universities which get established or some colleges that want to dupe students into paying their fees and provide them with a fake degree.

Attaining vocational training with AICTE approved PGDM college

Bringing value to yourself by enrolling for post graduation colleges can help you in a long way. When you enrol for a post graduate degree course you can get the learning of a modern curriculum as the syllabus can be changed flexibility according to the college. Oppose to the university curriculum which may take up to 3,5 or even 7 years for making changes in the syllabus as required.

Modern principles are necessary to engage the present executives as they need to know about the current learnings rather than the age old principles which have no value in today’s time. Thus post graduation colleges are preferred by students today which would help them get trained professionally.

Learning about vocation

Most programs are not equipped to provide you learning which can help you attain vocational learning however post graduate programs are designed in such a manner that it helps you get trained as a professional and be job ready. While you may have notion that present topics would not be able to help you learn but with practical learning combined you would be able to grasp a lot of knowledge that escalates your learning ability.

While you have enrolled for post graduation courses it would become easy for you to get recruited by top most firms. Why? Because these colleges offer placements and also make you competent to take on exams yourself without having to rely on someone else. These programs make you confident and increase your chances for employability.

Why Doing Post Graduate Diploma In Finance Is Important?

Finance is the energy working behind any business. To establish a company and then maintain its natural business rhythm needs proper financial understand. The growth of any organization is dependent on the active completion where getting profits out of the participation is all that matters.

A fair share of that profit will be used for future purposes. But this entire matter of facts is relying on experts who can handle this whole matter with great expert strategies. Students interested in this field go for specialized diploma courses to grab better career options in this field.

General Information of Post Graduate Diploma in Finance

The said course will complete in 2 years. There are two semesters in both years which make it 4 semesters in total.

In first year: In first semester students will learn, Principles of management, financial accounting, and fundamentals of communication and interview preparation, human resource management, marketing management, and managerial economics. In second semester, Strategic management, cost accounting, integrative manager, innovation management, mastering interview and networking skills.

In second year: In third semester of Post graduate diploma in finance, financial management I and II, Advanced direct tax and service tax, Investment management I and II. In fourth semester, Project finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Retail banking, international finance etc.

Why Is It Necessary For Finance Mangers?

The structure of Post graduate diploma in finance course will help in building rare skill sets for financial managers. The students will be learning capital management, Mergers and Acquisitions, International finance for understanding various requirements of this field. It is only after practicing through guidance that they can face real financial challenges in their business.

Students of this course will be able to grab knowledge over analytical cost center, importance of minimizing cost while maximizing profits in return, calculating expenses and preparing proper balance sheets. On the whole, the skills will help finance management flow in the right direction for retaining the business position.

This course is targeted by students who have dreams to settle in financial industries and financial organizations. After completing this course, students can clearly grasp the responsibilities of a finance manger. They will be able to grab advantages from different finance based sectors. Special training will brush up their skill sets and prepare them to apply in original cases.

Students completing this special course definitely aim for financial sectors like banks, mutual funds, insurance companies and other similar organizations. The course is provided both by fulltime and part time basis in various institutes. Distance learning is also possible for interested candidates or working professionals.

Look Out For The Options And Get Trained In Any One Of The Digital Marketing Platforms!

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With the increase in the use of internet and its ever increasing penetration all over the world, customers around the world are making their purchases more and more online so much so that businesses all over the world are using a digital made platform, an integral part of their operations and strategy and investing more into it.

As a result the competition for best digital marketing services industry has grown rapidly and has lead to a heavy demand for trained professionals in the field. To cater to this demand, lot of institutes offering courses in this field has come up all over the world. In India too there are various courses on offer by various institutes.

Choose Best Digital marketing Courses!

This course is designed by experts who make sure to cover all the aspects of this broad term course program. While the course is categorized into basic and advanced levels, any individual can enroll their name and get a certification. With the demand of this course professionally, a certification will easily improve the chance of getting hired.

And this course doesn’t limit you to get hired, even if you are planning to start something on your own, this course is formulated in such a way to impart knowledge on every discipline related to online marketing. When just having a business online doesn’t take you to the top, listing and rankings on the search list creates the real magic.

Both online or offline mode, you are ensured to get the best online classes, where the live streaming and course materials makes it easy for even professionals who finds it hard to make out some time to do a certification program. Hence the best digital marketing courses are designed to provide basic and application knowledge in each of these divisions:

  • Certified Digital Marketing Master’s Course or CDMM
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Web Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing

There are many institutes offering these courses and new institutes are mushrooming everywhere to meet the demand of the digital marketing industry. With the increasing demand of the course, education online is blooming too. Enroll yourself and simply become an expert and experiment with your own venture. It is readily available and just few hours of your dedication is what it asks from you!