Preparing for any type of higher studies in India requires you to qualify for CAT exams or any type of central examinations that would certify as good as CAT exams. Management studies especially require you to qualify for this type of examination. There are colleges that conduct their own set of exams but mostly the CAT score is widely accepted in India.

CAT score or any other equivalent examination is a requisite when you apply for Executive MBA program in India. Therefore, you need to train yourself about certain aspects of studying for these examinations before you even think of filling the enrolment form for a particular college. Executive MBA program in India can only be applied for by working professionals with some number of years spent in the industry.

Executive MBA program in India

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Prepare for CAT to qualify for Executive MBA program in India

There are some ground rules that you need to qualify in order to gain learning about qualifying CAT exams. These tips are extremely helpful and would bring you success when you sit in the examination hall ready to embark on the journey of advance studies.

Tip #1: Focus on your area of expertise

Rather than attempting and honing skills for all subjects, students must concentrate on their area of expertise and when they get the question paper they should scan it for 5 minutes and mark the questions which they excel in.

Tip #2: Attempt questions from previous years

As a candidate it is important to understand the pattern of these examinations therefore you must attempt last 10 years question papers for CAT. This will help you improve your score; make you understand which areas need improvements and which areas are you an expert in.

Tip #3: Start early

If you are sure about your plan to enrol for EMBA then preparation should start as early as a year. This would help you gain knowledge about current affairs, give you time to improve and work on your vocabulary. It would also give you time to become a math expert or logical reasoning expert.

Tip #4: Test yourself

It is important to evaluate your progress in every 10-15 days so that you know whether you are improving or still have problems. Keep testing yourself by taking test papers online or by attempting exams by preparing the questionnaire yourself. You could even ask your friends or family to take a verbal test in case you want to improve your vocabulary.